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Are you searching for more information on a grilled cheese franchise because you want to run your own business? Have you been looking for a new career path because you want to make a positive difference?

Grater Grilled Cheese may be the right franchise for you. Grater is a gourmet grilled cheese franchise that serves the best quality sandwiches, but more importantly, we serve up smiles. The success of our concept is evidenced by our multiple locations throughout California, and we are now opening up the opportunity to expand into the rest of the nation through Franchisees!

who we are

Grater was born in Southern California. What started as a passion for perfecting the Great American Grilled Cheese Sandwich from the wheels of a traveling food truck, quickly turned into a cheese-lover’s empire. Grater Grilled Cheese has now expanded into four locations, with more projected to open in the near future. Customers are initially drawn to the welcoming, laid-back atmosphere of our restaurants, and they become hooked on the quality and taste of the food.

the grilled cheese industry is thriving

Americans consume 300 million sandwiches DAILY. Additionally, in a survey conducted by Boar’s Head, 87 percent of respondents noted that they would give up either coffee, chocolate, or alcohol before giving up cheese. What does that give you, lots of Grilled Cheese’s consumed by Americans yearly! So why is this food so popular? Plain and simple: it’s comforting! Grilled cheese sandwiches make people happy, especially when they’re served with the quality and care that Grater provides.

In the Spotlight


We have received an immense amount of recognition over the last 3+ years.
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5 Star Reviews


What People are Saying

“Went for the second time and didn’t disappoint! The buffalo chicken fries were . My fiancé and I are making this our official grilled cheese place.”

“As a vegetarian it can be challenging to get excited about going out for food.  I GET EXCITED TO EAT AT GREATER CHEESE.”

“Phenomenal! Really knocked the grilled cheese concept right out of the park…you have to try of you’re nearby!”

“Love the food and the customer service is always on point.” 


“I can’t say enough good about this place. Cheese paradise, to be sure.”


This offer is not yet available in the following states: CA, HI, IL, IN, MD, MI, MN, NY, ND, RI, VA, WA and WI.

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